Before there was verbal language there was body language, gestures and facial expressions, a more honest language. Rainer explores and documents this language with his own body through photography. Pictures serve as a starting point for further artistic composition. Through drawing and painting he reacts to the original, accentuates and exaggerates, fills it with imagination that progresses to action, reaction, role playing and metamorphosis. Desmond Morris, English zoologist, behaviorist, author and art connoisseur, comments upon this process.

'Body Art' shows Arnulf Rainer at work on his own body, a vital phase of creation for his work. With drama and humor he links performance and visual art as Homo ludens and Homo sapiens.


Documentary, Austria 1979, 52 Minutes


with Arnulf Rainer, Desmond Morris, Dieter Roth
Written and directed by: Herbert Brödl
Photography: Christian Berger
Editor: Tina Frese
Sound: Volkmar Voitl
Commissioning Editor: Wolfgang Lorenz
Produced by: Interspot Film Wien


With the support of ORF