BAD BOY - Running along the equator

In the Brazilian megacity São Paulo athletes from around the world run the traditional New Year's marathon. At the same time in an Amazonian jungle backwater 19-year-old Jô is running like a world champion. He has skipped town with the generous New Year's collection from the church and is being followed by the out-of-breath town sheriff Rui, a fan of the marathon. By pure luck he manages to capture Jô. Rui may have missed the race on TV, but not talented runner Jô. In the cell sit Jô and a dream.

He trains Jô for a year until he is at his peak performance. They then make the long journey to São Paulo. Sheriff Rui sends his prisoner and marathon man Jô into the big race, the legendary New Year's marathon of 1999, the race into the year 2000. Surprises await. The Brazilian state of Amazonas is the scene of this multifaceted, light and laconically told tale, a film with humor and amazing twists of fate.

'Bad Boy' is also a satire of the political realities in this immense Brazilian backcountry, with its atmosphere of violence, corruption and lawlessness, where the sheriff appears to be the last bastion of justice. Against this raw backdrop hate turns into affection. Rui, the cop, and his prisoner, Jô, develop a complex father-son relationship.


Feature Film, Germany 2000, 82 Minutes


Cast: Manoel Compton, Francisco Ozié Jr., Roni Souza, Pedro Garcia, Divina Clemente, Dori Carvalho, Acácia Pantoja, Ernane Miranda, Mariana Otero, Ana Cecília
Written and directed by: Herbert Brödl
Photography: Volker Tittel
Editor: Katrin Köster
Sound: Fernanda Ramos
Set Design: Buy Chaves
Production Manager: Ivo Rodrigues
Assistant Director: Ana Cecília
Commissioning Editor: Reinhard Wulf
Produced by: Baumhaus Film Brödl


With the support of WDR, BR, ORF, HR