FIRE MOUNTAIN - Under the volcano

Lia, who is from Rome, teaches children ballet in Germany. As a young girl she spent her summer vacations on the island of Stromboli with the village teacher, Maria Guiseppa. Fifteen years later she returns and takes her leave from Maria Guiseppa in the cemetery under the volcano.

It is a return to the village of the present day and her memories of it, to change and recognition, to the alien and the familiar. Strangers have bought the emigrants' houses. Those who stayed behind discovered that tourists make for good business. Contrasts. Looks that search but do not find. Desired understanding that ends in misunderstanding. The hope for common ground that reveals only gulfs. Mentalities that cannot relate to one another and dangerous obsessions.

The familiar. Maria Guiseppa left Lia her diaries and treasure trove, solace from the past in the confusion of the present. And Lia meets Nedo again, a brilliant misfit and her first love. 'Fire Mountain' maintains a balance between the serenity of a Mediterranean summer, the collision of cultures and the melancholy of things lost.


Feature Film, Germany 1985, 75 Minutes


Cast: Delia Boccardo, Carlo Cecchi, Leopoldo Trieste, Anita Zagaria, Anita Laurenzi, José Quaglio, Ulrich Wildgruber, Mechthild Großmann, Ignaz Kirchner, Lutz Förster
Written and directed by: Herbert Brödl
Photography: Emilio Bestetti
Editor: Carlo Carlotto
Music: Francesco Verdinelli
Set Design: Luciano Calosso
Production Manager: Cesare Landricina
Produced by: Tangram Film Rom, Almaro Film München

With the support of WDR