Boarding school pupil Adrian climbs the roof of his school building on his 13th birthday. The headmaster, fearing a fall, calls the volunteer fire brigade. The youngster lands in their safety net and is injured. The fireman Dave, an American and painter, takes Adrian to the hospital and looks after him. After returning to school, Adrian visits the American on his free weekends. In Dave he finds a friend he can trust and confide in, liberation from his shell of isolation, affection. An awakening.

At the boarding school this friendship is met with suspicion and arrogance, which is irritated by Adrian's growing independence and rebelliousness. He is confined to the grounds and forbidden from having any further contact with Dave. Adrian's attempts to escape fail. He sets the school ablaze. A large fire, a call to his friend and fireman.

'Fire Signs' tells of the hardships in a boarding school and of a boy who does not want to become hardened while searching for himself against all odds. Tender and tough.


Feature Film, Germany 1979, 89 Minutes


Cast: Adrian Mendoza, Vincent Thomas, Günther Einbrodt, Rolf Defrank, Hans-Peter Korff, Karl Schwetter, Ingeburg Kantstein, Monika Hansen, Herbert Brödl
Written by: Herbert Brödl
Driected by: Rainer Boldt
Photography: Xaver Schwarzenberger
Editor: Ingeburg Forth
Music: Graziano Mandozzi
Set Design: Gerd Heiligenstühler
Production Manager: Hans-Calixt Krug


1979 Hamburg


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