GOLDLAND - Adventures with Brazilian prospectors

El Dorado, the myth and mirage of the golden man, still attracts desperados and starvelings into the Amazonian jungle. Wild men who go about their search for the golden treasure as if in a dream, ecstatically and with brute force. This is a story of likeable crackpots and underhanded cutthroats, of miserable drudgery, desperate lust for life and a game that others always win in the end.

An Indio who loves Campari and India, a former circus princess, become friends and eke out a living together. They make the dangerous journey from the gold fields deep in the jungle to the concrete jungle of São Paulo. This is also gold's journey, scraped from the depths of the Amazonian earth to disappear again into the depths of bank vaults in the metropolis. From one hiding place to another.

'Goldland' mixes fact and fiction, the authenticity of the characters and places and a made-up story. This comes together in a unified whole of reality and poetry, enabling a razor sharp but playful look at the tragicomedy of India and Campari.


Docufiction, Germany 1996, 79 Minutes


Cast: Divina Clemente, Pedro Garcia, Rocilda Silva, José Alves, Marcos Jeremias, Tácito Rocha, João Costa, Ademir Garcia, Alexandre dos Santos
Written and directed by: Herbert Brödl
Photography: Volker Tittel
Editor: Margot Neubert
Sound: Bernd Upnmoor
Production Manager: Ivo Rodrigues
Commissioning Editor: Reinhard Wulf
Produced by: Baumhaus Film Brödl


1996 Hamburg, Lübeck


With the support of WDR, BR, ORF, HR