LITTLE FRUIT - At the equator everything is possible

São Tomé, a tropical island, the head of a pin off the west coast of Africa and right on the equator, the middle of nowhere. There lies an old woman, dying, who calls to her distant son. Her cry becomes concrete as a breadfruit of gigantic proportions, a huge thing, falls to the ground in front of the son's hut. Ma is calling me! He names the monster Little Fruit, this vegetable meteorite, and begins his journey.

News of the event spreads like wildfire across the island, disturbs and amuses the people, it stimulates their fantasies, awakens their desires and dark longings. Little Fruit treks across the island and into the city to Ma, through much danger and many challenges, spells and counterspells. A turbulent tour.

'Little Fruit' is a burlesque, an African fairy tale, documentary and road movie, the description of a wondrous island world. Its residents are the actors in song of Ma.


Feature Film, Germany 1998, 78 Minutes


Cast: João Quaresma, José Noronh, Jacinto Afonso, Simão de Sousa, Pascoa Soares, Maria Neto, Atalmira, Agostinho, Patrik Óscar Sousa
Written and directed by: Herbert Brödl
Photography: Volker Tittel
Editor: Katrin Köster
Sound: Dieter Meyer
Production Management: Ivo Rodrigues
Collaboration: Frederico dos Anjos
Commissioning Editor: Reinhard Wulf
Produced by: Baumhaus Film Brödl


1998 Hof, Lübeck
1999 Rotterdam, São Paulo, Sal


With the support of WDR, BR, ORF, HR