In 1955 the ethnic German family Ceron from Rumania moves to Austria, and they set up house in a workers' housing estate near Vienna. It belongs to the Badmannsdorf factory, where father Baruch and son Jacob have found employment. Work and making ends meet are the most important things. But there is also a dream that Jacob manages to keep alive between the shifts at work, the stifling atmosphere at the estate, allotment gardens, gymnastics in vineyards, sentimental movies and rock 'n' roll. He wants to play soccer and shoot himself to victory with goal after goal.

It takes no time at all in the factory owner's team. He shoots goals, conquers Marina, the dancing queen, then meets former boxer and scrap metal dealer Arthur, who also has a dream, and follows him to Vienna. There the ex-champ wants to resurrect his past glories with Jacob in the professional soccer league.

'Missed Goal' is a long, quiet stream of episodes, poetic and dramatic, a story, strong in imagery, of a dream in thand of the comfort of friendship.


Feature Film, Germany 1976, 110 Minutes


Cast: Wolfgang Ambros, Franz Buchrieser, Pola Kinski, Hanno Pöschel, Vera Borek, Emanuel Schmied, Renate Olarowa, Jan Kickert, Rudi Schippel, Franz Morak, Ulrich Baumgartner
Written by: Herbert Brödl
Directed by: Rainer Boldt
Photography: Xaver Schwarzenberger
Editor: Marie Homolkova
Music: Alexander Steffen
Set Design: Roger von Möllendorf
Costume Design: Barbara Bilabel
Sound: Johannes Paiha
Production Manager: Karl Schwetter
Assistant Directgor: Heide Kouba
Produced by: Schönbrunn Film Wien


1977 Berlin Duisburg
1977 Fernsehpreis Deutsche Akademie der darstellenden Künste

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