News footage from the Nixon era, the Vietnam War, the student movement and the high society of the 60's that interacts with a fictional story about the lives of a manual laborer, a housewife and a student, compressed through mock news and cartoon sequences. Television as a news media is challenged, the reflection of media expression didactically taken apart. Sports clips are scored with the sounds of war, scenes of executions are juxtaposed with those of private spaces. Colliding montages in an apparatus of illusion.

The statements address an aggressive leftist ideology against exploitation and manipulation in the ruling system. The race turns into consumerism, play is a drill, education transforms into indoctrination, work into self-alienation, business becomes war, and war a show.

The polemic essay film 'News Manipulates' is an analysis of a mass medium and a singular TV self-reflection that also makes clear what was possible in a media-specific and aesthetic way on television at the start of the 70's.


Film Essay, Austria 1971, 58 Minutes


Cast: Bruno Dallansky, Franz Zemsky, Wolfgang Sellner, Monika Geiger, Marlies Brudermannser
Written by: Wilhelm Pevny, Herbert Brödl
Directed by: Herbert Brödl
Photography: Xaver Schwarzenberger
Editor: Ulli Schwarzenberger
Sound: Karl Höfler
Production Manager: Hermann Wolf
Produced by: Scheiderbauer Film


1999 Graz


With the support of ORF