Tukano Indios Paulette and Manoel and Italian Padre Edoardo, an ex-priest, take a fishing boat from Manaus down the Rio Negro and into the heart of Amazonia. This boat will bring the highly prized ornamental fish discus back to the city, where they will be shipped to European aquariums. A second journey.

Eduardo came to Brazil as seminarian. The old man's passion is the culture of the Tukano, their music and myths that he writes down with Manoel's help. Paulette made a living in Manaus as a prostitute, years later returning to her boyfriend Manoel. On the journey into a world of water and forest the close proximity of the all-permeating nature wakes tensions and fantasies in the relationship of the three travelers and feeds their obsessions.

In many fine voices 'The Snake-Fish-Canoe' interweaves myth and the present, nature and culture, human longing, light-heartedness and melancholy.


Feature Film, Germany 1984, 80 Minutes

Cast: Edoardo Lagorio, Paulette Pinheiro, Manoel Moura, Bibiano Vaz, Américo Maranhão, Francisco Fontes
Directed by: Herbert Brödl
Written by: Herbert Brödl, Jobst Grapow
Photography: Ali Reza Movahed, Cliff Bestall
Editor: Carlo Carlotto
Sound: Michele Younglesen
Production Manager: David Pennington
Produced by: Baumhaus Film Brödl


1984 Mannheim
1985 Berlin, München


With the support of HR, ORF, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film