TRANCE-ATLANTIC - An Afro-Brazilian journey

From the 16th to the 19th century millions of black Africans were sold into slavery and forcibly taken to Brazil. The Orishás, their gods, crossed the Atlantic with them. Life depends upon them. In a trance the Orishás become incarnate.

Black Brazilians Geralda, Tanja and Roseli, initiates of Candomblé, the cult of Orishás, travel from Brazil to Benin, Africa, to a meeting with their most distant relatives and their shared gods. A journey to the source of their identity and their religion. Back to the roots.

'Trance-Atlantic' follows an arc between continents and links the two ends of the umbilical cord accompanied by the sound of drums and the circle dance of the Orishás, who are visible in the trance.


Documentary, Germany 1990, 74 Minutes


with Geralda do Carmo Silva, Tania de Souza, Roseli de Oliveira, Ya Fesso, Kabiesi de Pobé, Kabiesi de Ketu
Written and directed by: Herbert Brödl
Photography: Joaquim Pinto
Editor: Margot Neubert
Music: Toki Adeyefa
Sound: Maureen Herzfeld
Assistant Director: Roger Nahum
Produced by: Baumhaus Film Brödl


1990 Wels
1991 São Paulo, Freiburg


With the support of WDR, HR